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Shira runs the shop 11:11 together with her husband – shirts which are meant to provoke thought and promote positive global change. Read more about her optimistic outlook, how wearing t-shirts can make a difference and what the number 11:11 means. Our interview with Shira from 11:11.

Tell us about the mission behind 11:11.

11:11 offers a unique collection of organic t-shirts with designs that dare to challenge ignorance, raise awareness to important issues and promote positive global change. Here at 11:11 we know that true positive change in this world can, should (and will) ultimately begin with each and every one of us. We feel that if others ‘get’ this, then it is their personal duty to express this understanding to whoever crosses their path. Our unique and eco-friendly t-shirts are just one way of doing so.

What does 11:11 mean?

For me, the number 11:11 has been showing up my entire life. For as long as I can remember, not only have my eyes been magically drawn to this number on clocks, etc., but the moment I became aware of that 11:11, I always somehow felt it wasn’t happening by chance. As if ultimately there was some higher meaning or purpose. I used to think it was just me, but little did I know the days of Google and the Internet were just around the corner, and i would soon discover, to my fascinated astonishment, that thousands of people, all over the world, have been experiencing and exploring the same exact thing.

So what does 11:11 mean? Well, I heard and read a lot of theories: a sign of synchronicity, of spirit, a cosmic gate, a call to action, and much more. Overall, a sort of ‘Wake Up Call’ for humanity. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do with our t-shirts.

What inspired or motivated you to open a shop and how long have you run the shop?

I have a lot of things I felt like saying to the world. I had messages that I wanted to get across, and information I wanted to share. For me, these t-shirts are my way of doing so. The same way a musician shares his messages in a song, or an artist in his art – same thing. Though I started testing out my designs a few years back, my husband and I only recently starting working on and promoting our business properly – and the response has been wonderful.

How did you learn about Spreadshirt?

What really drew us to Spreadshirt was the wide selection of organic t-shirts. It was crucial for us to work with tees that were eco-friendly, certified organic and, of course, fair trade. Our shirts marked “Earth Positive” are even manufactured using solar and wind energy!

How much time do you invest in your shop? Do you create designs yourself?

My shop is my baby and I spend every chance I get nurturing it, feeding it and watching it grow! I created all the designs myself but I am constantly inspired by people I meet, ideas I come across and other issues humanity is currently facing.

Your slogan is “Wear the Change”. Can t-shirts change the world?

The way I see it, a t-shirt is a billboard. It’s an advertising space. When you are wearing a t-shirt, you can potentially expose it to hundreds of people at any given moment! So the question is: what do you want to get across to those hundreds of random people you encounter? An “I’m With Stupid” design? LOL, not me. I think everyone should do what they can to help wake each other up. When we know that people are wearing our t-shirts, and that others are seeing them, and that they are provoking thought and conversations between people, then that makes it all worthwhile for us. That’s what we mean by “wearing the change”.

Where and how do you market your shop and make it well-known?

We’ve been having a blast promoting 11:11 on our Facebook page. We’ve had the honor of collecting around 3,700 amazing members in a matter of months, and the “fans” are growing every day. Facebook has also been an ideal platform for us to share our favorite videos, inspirational quotes and other interesting content we come across. We have formed a wonderful community of open-minded, good-hearted people and we absolutely love interacting with them and watching them interact with each other.

Who do you think your customers are?

Hmm, our t-shirts range on various topics so I think different designs can appeal to different people. In general, I think our customers are intelligent, they think outside the box, they are open to ideas, they are environmentally aware, some are animal lovers, some are fellow seers of 11:11 and they ALL have EXCELLENT taste in t-shirts :P

What’s your favorite shirt?

If I had to choose, then I would say our “11:11″ logo shirt. There’s just something magical about that number. Whenever we wear it, it somehow becomes the topic of conversation. Random people on the street can approach us and ask what it means, or share with us that this number is very special to them, and they tend to ask us where they can get one. It’s also one of our best-sellers.

If you think back from the “opening” of your shop up to now, what would be the most important insight that you would give a newcomer?

Believe in your product and enjoy the ride. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re in the wrong business.

What was your biggest achievement up to now (with or without Spreadshirt)?

We are considerably new but we already enjoyed some awesome moments. For example, my husband and I were featured in a major newspaper as the “Green Heroes of Tel Aviv” and more recently, the animal rights organization, PETA, approached us about offering our vegan-inspired “Say Tofu” t-shirt to the winners of one of their contest giveaways.

Have you ever seen someone you don’t know walking around with your t-shirt on?

Actually we have, but what’s even funnier is that we have also come across random Facebook profiles where we saw people wearing our t-shirts in their profile pictures! I guess that’s the 2010 equivalent to seeing someone walking around on the street.

What do you do for a living, or better said: what do you do when you are not fiddling around with your shop?

I believe in finding your passion and turning into your career. 11:11 is our passion and we intend on making it our career. (Ahem, Spreadshirt, can you help us with that?) ;) BUT, since you asked, when I’m not fiddling around with our shop and our Facebook page, you can most likely find me Googling, reading, hanging out with my husband, drinking coffee, singing in the shower and/or getting scratched by our crazy cat.

Which question have you always wanted to be asked and what is the answer?

Question: What time is it?
Answer: 11:11!

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